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03 Oct 2017

With a Fractional Yachting Program, this is possible! It is perfect for people that have dreamed about owning a yacht but could not justify the expense. Or perhaps you would like to try out the yachting […]

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20 Mar 2017

A Flotilla is fun for everyone A well organized event with lots of activities ! Flotillas, rendezvous and other boater group trips are becoming more and more popular around the world and increasingly diverse. Most will […]

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02 Feb 2017

Three Dreamy Romantic Destinations for Lifetime Memories: Picture peacefully cruising through sparkling seas in the warm sea breeze, exploring beaches that have barely been discovered while being pampered by your attentive crew on your luxurious private yacht […]

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10 Jan 2017

You’ve worked hard all your life and the time to invest in the Vacation Plan of your dreams has finally come! Not just any vacation program but the perfect combination of flexibility, diversity of locations, amazing […]

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21 Nov 2016

AN AWESOME OVERALL EXPERIENCE Imagine waking every morning to breath-taking views of a new location while your crew prepare for the day’s activities. Unlike a hotel or cruise ship, a private yacht charter offers the exclusive opportunity […]

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21 Sep 2016

YACHT Ownership – How to have that dream yacht… without breaking the bank ! Have you ever dreamed of owning a yacht, but never seriously considered it because of the expenditure and effort involved? There are […]

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