10 Jan 2017

You’ve worked hard all your life and the time to invest in the Vacation Plan of your dreams has finally come!

Not just any vacation program but the perfect combination of flexibility, diversity of locations, amazing experiences and a worthwhile investment for a discerning business person like yourself. A vacation experience that reflects your lifestyle, your career’s success and your appreciation for the higher quality things in life. Listen closely – because we might have found the perfect vacation plan for you.

Beyond timeshares and packaged vacations, investment in a Yacht Charter Owner program can pay you a guaranteed revenue. Providing all the advantages of ownership, yet with none of the time consuming day-to-day operational tasks and costs. For years now, yacht charter operators have been paying their yacht owners 9% or more revenue on their investment while covering all the expenses through charter revenue. Further to this allowing 6 – 12 weeks of owner use annually, with access to a fleet of yachts around the world is common.

More recently, some are offering time at ski chalets in Switzerland, villas in Tuscany, vacation homes in Hawaii, Thailand, Costa Rica and beyond. The vacation destinations are always beyond the ordinary. With 70% of the world covered in water, the select boating locations are considered some of the best cruising grounds available. Imagine being surrounded by pristine water and exhilarating scenery aboard your own private luxury yacht. Programs like this are setup over a 5 to 7-year period, after which time you have a choice to have your yacht replaced with a new one, bought out or sold.

Unlike some vacation and shared use properties, you do not overpay the purchase price on the new yacht. “On the contrary, many of the operators offer a competitive market price, however the real difference are the tax advantages that such an asset offers” states Greg Marlo from YACHT Solutions. Wow! Sail your dream yacht or use a vacation property 6 – 12 weeks per year at a prime destination whilst getting a return on investment? YES, and the process is made simple and seamless. From selecting your yacht to arranging financing, assistance with planning and booking your vacation time, you are always in good hands.

Pride of Yacht Ownership

For example; As part of your agreement a minimum deposit of 25% is required and the rest can be financed. A $400,000 yacht would require a deposit of $100,000 and over a 5 year term the owner would receive title and a guaranteed monthly income of at least $3000. This would normally cover the mortgage with money left over. The owner is also given access to yachts and vacation homes using a point system that would equal 6 to 12 weeks of use annually. This typically represents over $200,000 worth of rental use over the 5-year term. Of course, all operational costs such as maintenance, dockage and insurance are covered.

Share the experience with family and friends. For many, the activities while on vacation help create the experience and life long memories. Whether its fishing in the Bahamas, scuba diving the Maldives, exploring Thailand by land or water or skiing the Alps or Rockies, the variety is endless and the experience world class. These types of vacations have the makings that the whole family can enjoy. Learning vacations have become more popular because they are fun and readily available. It’s not just limited to sailing lessons and getting licensed while on vacation. Many choose to get their scuba diving certification in idyllic water conditions, or learn to stand-up-paddleboard, surf, wind-surf, kite-board just to name a few.

You no longer have to limit your travel to worldwide destinations or the activities you’ve dreamed of doing. “Best to try it before you buy it and make sure it meets your expectations for years of enjoyment” recommends Greg Marlo founder of YACHT Solutions. They offer a program to test drive this vacation lifestyle before you make the investment, with a no pressure but informative and enjoyable holiday excursion. Using a yacht broker has many advantages and in the case of YACHT Solutions, the services are complimentary to the buyer. Charter brokers in general have a broader perspective on what is available on the market and their knowledge and experience with the charter operators is invaluable to the yacht purchaser. The best broker has also inspected and sailed that type of boat and visited the marine operations of the charter company, so they are ultimately qualified to assist you.

Isn’t it time you repeatedly experience dream vacations in the paradise destinations of your choice?



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