09 Apr 2020

Keep your travel dreams alive with this Boating Vacation in the British Virgin Islands!

Organized by YACHT Solutions and Hosted by Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine

Stayed tuned for more details and exact dates for this Fall 2020

Rendezvous and other boating group trips have become popular worldwide. Our favorite island destination get-away will include a multitude of activities with a theme based on adventure, fun and creating memorable moments on the water. Stretching throughout the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are a kaleidoscope of aquamarine waters, sun-soaked harbors, and white-sand beaches among more than 25 pristine islands. Fill all your senses both above and below the water with spectacular scenery and marine life, line of sight navigating, delectable cuisine and soft-sand beaches. From sprawling beaches to intriguing tropical resorts and famous beach bars you’re sure to have an excellent getaway among friends.

Our Rendezvous will be a fleet of boats with a staffed lead boat on a planned itinerary with fun group activities and interesting stops over the course of a week. Activities beyond boating to consider are scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle-boarding, kite-boarding, some rum sampling, all beginning with a welcome reception. Many describe the experience as the perfect balance between independent boating, having security and a host of social options. Ideal for first timers, novice and experienced boaters, the organizers can help coordinate and connect people to join a boat based on their experience and requirements.

“Rendezvous should be fun, with lots of activities and be well organized” says Greg Marlo of YACHT Solutions. “It’s a great way to make new friends… sort of a grown-up version of summer camp”.


There is an arrival and orientation reception on the first evening. Here you can get to know your Lead Boat crew and fellow boaters before you head out. This is the perfect chance to make new friends for the week – maybe make arrangements to meet up at dinner! Every day you’ll be briefed on the destination for the day, as well as weather updates and any must-see spots along the way. You can sail with confidence knowing that any assistance from your Lead Crew is only a call away. We’ll be staying mostly in village quays and small harbors, with the choice in the evening to explore on your own. During the week, a Flotilla Punch or Beach Party is a great opportunity for you to meet up with our group again, sharing stories, tips and tricks with each other over good food and a drink. The Lead Crew will organize social events like a welcome reception, BBQ’s on the beach, Punch Parties, beach and water activities so you can get to know the people you’re boating with. A full moon party put on by the locals will be a Caribbean Festival experience you will never forget.

“Why go on a flotilla will probably be the first question on your mind?” says Erik Kyle, publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine. “The experience! You’ll be able to enjoy all the freedom of an independent yacht charter with the added bonus of a set sailing route, a supporting Lead Boat and a great social atmosphere with your fellow boaters”.

There’s a range of benefits for a Rendezvous vacation, from guaranteed reservations and moorings to inclusions such as water, ice, the cost of your insurance, excursions, tours, events, special pricing and included activities. The Lead Boat crew is there to support you. You can be as independent as you like with the confidence that they will be there to lend a helping hand when you need it. They can also recommend the best anchorages, harbors, restaurants and places to visit, ensuring that you make the most of your vacation.

Extend your holiday with a resort stay to make it a “Surf & Turf” experience as full travel planning services will be available. Book by the cabin or book an entire boat from a selection of new power catamarans. We have several options for you.

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FREE Re-booking and Cancellation on this trip will be offered in lieu of COVID-19. Book with confidence and eliminate this risk. Some conditions will apply.

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