01 Mar 2020

Current Concerns with CORID-19

With the current concerns regarding the Coronavirus, many people are seriously considering future private travel options over the more public ones, as well as taking extra precautions to protect themselves from potential exposure to the virus today.  Private yacht charter vacations and private charter flights are ideal options, and these industries and destinations have implemented additional measures to ensure their travelers are safe during this time. We hope that this current global health concern subsides soon. However, in the meantime, we want to assure our clients that private travel remains a very safe form of travel. As an industry, we are making concerted efforts to ensure we have the latest travel advisories and protocols in place for safe travel. 

Private Yacht Charters 

Cruising on a private yacht in less populated destinations provides less potential exposure to any virus compared to resorts, cruise ships, and other heavily traveled tourist destinations. On a charter yacht, you are mainly only in contact with those who join you on the vacation, which are generally family or close friends. The yacht provides a safe and contained living space as you explore the wonderful cruising destinations and natural environments, with many adventures to experience. It is easy to ensure that nothing boards the vessel without being sanitized.

The Crew are monitored and screened for the virus, and they are implementing extra protocols for potential exposure and sanitation procedures. You are in control of your itinerary, so you can easily choose more remote areas with little to no interaction with other travelers. As an industry, we are monitoring the cruising destinations and are in close contact with their authorities, to ensure we have the latest information to provide our clients. We are adding clauses to our Charter Agreements to ensure accommodations are given for interrupted travel due to the Coronavirus. 

Private Jet Travel

Private charter flights are an ideal alternative to commercial flights. Much like a charter yacht, it avoids areas heavily traveled by others and provides a better process to screen and sanitize for potential exposure to the Coronavirus. Although costs are higher than commercial flights, private flights offer added value and precautions.

For those that cannot afford private flights, rest assured that most commercial airlines are taking extra measures to sanitize and protect from the potential spread of the Coronavirus. Most aircraft provide fresh air into their cabin every 2-3 minutes, and have state-of-the-art air filters which are similar to those used in hospitals, providing viral and bacterial removal of greater than 99.99%. To date, there are no known cases where the corona virus has been transmitted from one person to another on an aircraft. Many commercial flights are also providing eased cancellation and rescheduling policies in response to the Coronavirus and any restricted travel.

Extra Precautions While Traveling

  • Sanitize your hands and personal items often, especially after touching surfaces, and your objects have gone through security checkpoints.  
  • Sanitize items you touch, such as trays, kiosks, handles and buttons/switches.  
  • Advise your children to avoid touching surfaces that have not been sanitized and ensure they sanitize their hands and belonging often.
  • Wait in the least crowded areas and avoid direct contact with other travelers.  
  • Direct air vent to blow directly towards you, as this provides you with more fresh/filtered air, pushing potentially contaminated air away from you.  
  • Pack a mask, just in case. 
  • Consider what you would need in the rare case you had to be quarantined.  For example, bring any vital extra medication with you.  
  • Buy travel cancellation insurance and ensure the policy covers potential travel interruptions caused by the Coronavirus.

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