21 Sep 2016

YACHT Ownership – How to have that dream yacht… without breaking the bank !

Have you ever dreamed of owning a yacht, but never seriously considered it because of the expenditure and effort involved? There are programs available now that put this exceptional lifestyle within your reach – free of hassles and at a fraction of the cost. As gratifying as yacht ownership is, it tends to cost more than most people originally plan for and that is why some of these new ownership and sharing programs are so exciting.

Fractional Yachting offers all the benefits of yacht ownership without the high cost, responsibilities and complications.

Shared Ownership is a business concept that was developed in the aviation industry and has been around for decades. It is a brilliant method of ownership where several people can own a share in an expensive asset like a yacht.

Charter Yacht Ownership is another way to experience the fulfillment of owning a first-class yacht and be able to sail in some of the world’s best cruising grounds.

Today there are too few people that really know and understand many of the new yacht ownership programs available including the dynamics and benefits of these programs. Many of the programs offer a turn-key solution that tends to appeal to the enthusiast that has a busy schedule, but appreciates the conveniences, flexibility and service associated with a well run and managed program. With more and more people trying to enhance their lifestyle and life experiences, many of these are a fresh take on an age old sport / hobby that has the potential to attract many new people into the boating industry, and potentially hang onto those looking for a change with more simplicity and flexibility.

YACHT Solutions strives to create great experiences on the water. We love to introduce people to yachting and provide exceptional experiences to boating enthusiasts through yacht charters, boating vacations and rewarding ownership programs.

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